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                        About us
                        Xiangyuan New Materials, adeputy agent unit of China Association of Polyurethane Industry, was founded inYangchenghu Town of Suzhou, a beautifuland fertile land full of fish and ricein 2001. It is a designated ...

                        Company since its inception in 2001, has successfully launched to the market system TDI polyurethane products chain extender with amine curing agent  series products, such as high-quality goods MOCA...


                        In July 2001, Suzhou Xiangyuan Special Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was formally founded
                        In 2002,Recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province...
                        Xiangyuan will go as far as you can dream. By energetically implementing the enterprise spirit of striving for excellence, high-spirited and vigorous workers...
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